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About us

X.J. Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is one of the core divisions of X.J. Group(HK) Ltd. We specialize in development and production of electrical kitchen appliances. We are one of the largest manufacturers of deep fryer, raclette grill, kettle and blender in China.  

X.J. Housewares

We have complete production lines including mould tooling, injection, hardware production, heating unit production, welding, painting, silkscreen and final assembly. We carefully study market demand and customers’ buying behavior to launch precisely suited products. Strong R&D ability and tooling capacity ensure our products keep up with the latest market requirements. Our dedicated staffs, scientific management system and large production facility ensure efficient handing of your orders.
XJ Housewares production line


Our main products:


All grills are designed with raclette pans for cooking cheese or eggs. What’s more, all models can match with metal plate or natural stone easily. Some models even have double layers of pans or with rotating function, which is unique in market. Our product is ideal for parties and family fun!

XJ Housewares production line


XJ Housewares production line

Mirror/light mirror series:

We have dozens of plastic mirrors and light mirrors. To meet the higher level, we have developed a new range of LED mirrors. As a new trend, LED lighting saves energy and last for longer life. What’s more, these LED mirrors are with touch-open function or traditional on-off switch for different levels.

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