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Manufacturing Center

We have 4 professional factories, 50 modernized production lines. We have complete production lines including plastic injection, mould tooling, hardware production, heating element, motor production, spray & painting and final assembly.

There are 200 Injection Machines with various specifications from 280 tons to 530 tons. Regarding hardware production, for punching machinery, we have 80 sets from 8 tons to 150 tons; Fro hydraulic press, we have 20 sets from 65 tons to 350 tons; for drill machine, we have 7 sets. Concerning moldings, we have 11pcs linear cutting machines and 8 CNC machines.

Facilities for RoHs scanning, Hi-pot test, life test, function test are equipped in necessary procedures. In assembly line, there are equipment for on-line hi-pot testing, earth testing, power testing; in QC lab, there are swing testing facilities, Fluke temperature testers, Hi-pot tester, earth & power tester, switch fatigue tester, drop test equipment, etc.

Owning these facilities and equipments plus strict QC procedure, we are capable for both large-scale production and strict QC control.

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