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Manufacturing Center

Owning 4 professional factory, 50 modernized production lines and 10,000 workers, X.J. is ready for large-scale mass production. 


--Plastic injection

The daily output for one production line is 6,000pcs of plastic housing, lid and other accessories. Based on 200 injection machines, we are capable to produce huge quantity of plastic wares within short time.

-- Mould tooling

We can finish a mould tooling within 25 days averagely, which is quite quick among suppliers.

-- Hardware production

To make the housing or any other metal accessories, our daily output per shift is 50,000pcs. Thanks to enough machinery and enables us to produce hardware at the first available time.

-- Spray & painting

The daily output for one production line is 60,000pcs per shift.


-- Final assembling

The daily output for each final assembling line is 60,000pcs. Based on 50 modernized final assembling lines, our production capacity could reach 150,000~180,000pcs easily.



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