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Modernized production line

We have 50 modernized new production lines running day and night. These production lines are equipped with wide LCD display and sufficient assistant equipments. By using these LCD monitors, each worker will be guided by clear workmanship & production instructions instead of pasting a paper instruction sheet. Each line is controlled by computer and the files on display can be changed conveniently.

Moreover, all production workshops are equipped by air-conditions, which is quite important in Southern cities in China. Such unique & modern facilities ensure X.J. performs clients’ orders with excellent quality level and timely delivery.


 X.J. Modernized production line

 X.J. production line 
 X.J. production line
 X.J. production line
 X.J. production line

Subsidiary production line:

We also established assistant production lines such as PCB assembly, power cord assembly, welding, painting & spray and other accessories’ production. The components and accessories can be sent to main production lines for final assembly continuously. By doing so, we can ensure final assembly going smoothly and do not need to rely on other suppliers’ delivery date.

X.J. Subsidiary production line 

With complete production facilities, now we produce more than 80% components of a complete unit such as plastic housing, S/S housing, lid, handle, button, etc. Take a stainless deep fryer for example, the S/S housing, bottom cover, heating unit, frying basket, tank and some other accessories are all produced by ourselves. We only need to purchase electronic components, packing materials, cable & power cord from other suppliers.


For moulding, injection, hardware, heating element production, we all produce by ourselves so that the delivery date is controlled precisely and don’t need to rely on other suppliers’ delivery date. Thus all production processes & delivery are controlled efficiently and X.J. could control the final delivery of orders for clients.

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