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Quality & Approval
Safety approval
To make sure our products can meet international safety requirements, all of our products products designed are in accordance with newest r...
ROHS approval
What we have done generally? 1.?Our factory has built up ROHS & environment protection program, including X.J.’s internal control system a...
Social duty & Human right
XJ has passed a series of factory ausit by different standards. 1. We are certificated member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). SE...
QC Team
Quality Control department is the biggest management department of our factory. We have more than 150 people and divided into 7 separated d...
ISO quality system
As an ISO certified member, X.J. respect & perform strict quality management system strictly. All QC department is guided with ISO quality ...
Facilities for Rohs scanning, Hi-pot test, life test, function test are equipped in necessary procedures. in QC lab, there are swing testin...
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