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Quality & Approval

Quality Control department is the biggest management department of our factory. We have more than 150 people and divided into 7 separated departments: IQC, IPQC, OQC, Testing lab, ISO commissioner, QE engineer, and ROHS & Environment testing lab.


Our quality control procedures are conducted by below steps:

1. IQC : All in-coming materials & components are s inspected by IQC. Only qualified materials & components will be delivered to production. Sufficient facility and manpower plus strict guidelines ensure our IQC performs their duty in a correct way. 

2. IPQC: In process management is very important for production. All products on the assembly line or subsidiary lines will be inspected & tested for function, safety and life cycles. Only qualified goods will be released and transferred to other department.

3. OQC: All out-going goods are inspected by QC according to AQL level. Only qualified goods will be sealed and transferred to logistic department.

4. Testing lab: we have established a professional testing lab, which is equipped with modern facilities and experienced people. Products of each order will be withdrawn and tested for function, safety, life cycle and abnormal tests in this lab. For life testing, we will test a product for 300~500 cycles to check the life performance.

5. ISO commissioners: An ISO team is taking charge of all ISO management and supervision.  

6. QE engineer: QE team is in charge of evaluates of ROHS supplier, set up production standards, testing requirements and monitors each processes for production.

7. ROHS testing lab: All materials & components supplier to X.J. have latest ROHS certifications. What’s more, modern equipments are equipped in X.J. to scan & detect the forbidden substances of ROHS regulation. All the materials & components supplied for production under supervise and control.

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