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 R & D Procedure

X.J. R & D Procedure

Appearance design 

In order to meet the latest market needs precisely, the design team go abroad from time to time to investigate the latest trends on engineering fro different markets. Meanwhile, we have close business cooperation with well-known design institutes from abroad & domestic. To ensure our products are suitable for the customers’ taste, we respect and absorb clients’ suggestions and comment. Strategies of high quality, low cost and unique selling point will be adopted all through engineering design.


With the advantages of sufficient manpower and facilities, we can finish an appearance deign within 7 working days, a 3D files can be finished just within 15 days. Both engineering files and mock-up samples will be evaluated during appearance design period.


Structure & function design 

After evaluating the mock-up samples and finalizing the 3D files, the tooling will be launched. Owning a professional mould factory ever since 10 years ago, we can finish a mould tooling within 30 days.


To make sure our products can meet international safety requirements such as CE,GS,UL,ETL, before mould tooling, functional mock-up samples must be made and tested under various conditions. On the other hand, all products designed are in accordance with newest requirements of ETL, CETL, CE, GS, CB, ROHS, REACH, ERP, etc.


Around 20-25 new models are designed every season and around 100 new models will come out per year. Since the year of 1989, there are more than 2,000 kinds of products in total. Our well-organized R&D platform ensures clients to start an OEM project easily. Our engineers will provide efficient & convenient service pack including appearance design, structure & software design, mould tooling and functional samples. 




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