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Successful Case

As an experienced ODM/OEM manufacturer, X.J. has an efficient R&D platform for new project development. One of our advantage is we can meet different clients’ need. 

XJ Kitchen scale case

Kohnan is one of the biggest superstore in Japan. In August of 2009, they selected one of X.J.’s existing model and decided to do some changes on our design. X.J. arranged a team consist of engineers, technicians, sales people and assign project coordinator. The period of evaluation and new design development completed smoothly. Owning a moulding factory, X.J. finished new moulding just within 25 days and first functional was sent to client on time. Meanwhile, X.J.’s QC people completed CE,GS certifications timely and Purchase Department get all suppliers ready for further production of this new model. 

In following 2 months, we successfully fulfilled this new development and got client order of 10,000PCS. The first production was made in November 2009 and another 150,000PCs were sold in 2010.  Both sides are expecting good sales performance on market soon.

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