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Successful Case

XJ Group and Greatway International LLC had long-term cooperation relationship ever since 2000. We developed 5 OEM projects in these years. Here we would like to share one of successful cases with you —— Cupcake courier for Costco.

XJ plastics case -Costco promotion order

It is a promotional order, the total qty were 62 * 45HQ containers, and the mass production should be finished within 30 days from Sep 20th to Oct 20th, which required the manufacturer has to be with high production capacity, efficient management and enough warehouses to store.

Costco promotion order


As the size of this cupcake courier is big, the daily production is limited. The factory need to start the mass production once customer’s approval without any break. On the other hand, the assembly should be in process as soon as injection is finished. The first delivery was 45 * 45'HQ containers.


The logistic department’s operation and the factory’s strong loading capacity are the key factors to delivery this order in time. The quantity of 45*HQ container is limited, and each shipment is more than 12 containers, X.J. arranged extra labour for produciton, loading and logistic processes. Finally  factory finished loading according to forwarder’s strict rules and sent the containers to port on time. 

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